Check this out--The biggest list of Chess ebooks ripped!Let me know if any of you are interested--I will seed it,though right now I'm thinking more of upgrading to Win 10 than d'ling gazillions of Chess ebooks (6 GB to be exact).It's a 3 GB upgrade but there's more dangers ahead such as drivers to install & stuff (I don't have the discs.) Link is: Chess E-books Collection (torrent) (link seems to be dead --I will try updating it later.) ... Various [Vintage] Ebooks , Alternative#1 (BitSnoop (unverified)) , Alternative#2 (Piratebay (3.94 GB of 369 files))
H'mm it's my birthday today too.P.S:Please add pluses to the link instead of the spaces..Or try this:
If you don't have time for that,get this: Chess 101 Primer: "Tactics [Course]"