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descriptionZarkov collection available ... EmptyZarkov collection available ...

Hi there,

John Stanback (one of the first chess programmer) gave the older Zarkov versions free.

All the WB Zarkov versions are not official available in the past. I believe more as 20 versions I added in the download file. Very interesting is 4.5e and 4.5h.

The collection can be found for the moment on my website in download area.

The successor Wasp 1.01 x64 (UCI engine) will be start tomorrow for my FCP Rating List.
This is a test version before an official release.

Release versions of Wasp can be found later on my website. At first a test for the compatibilty ... maybe different things must be changed before the first release version is ready.

Elo is around 400 stronger as Zarkov 6.44 w32 ...

My older SWCR Rating List:


   # PLAYER                           : RATING    POINTS  PLAYED    (%)
   82 Shredder 12 x64 / w32            : 2800.0    5325.5    9940   53.6%
  201 ChessTiger 2007 1.0012 w32       : 2530.3     973.5    3780   25.8%
  208 TheKing 3.50 x64                 : 2492.0     359.0    1440   24.9%
  211 Zarkov 6.44 w32                  : 2435.5     494.5    2340   21.1%



Older Zarkov versions by John Stanback, USA

Zarkov collection by Frank Quisinsky

Zarkov 2.50, 2.51, 2.60, 2.61
Zarkov 3.0

Zarkov 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Zarkov 4.5e - 4.86 ...
need: XChess.ini and -x parameter for Winboard

Zarkov 4.97 - 6.55
need: zarkovx.ini

Opening book: zarkov.zdb for versions: 4.5e- 6.55

John wrote, June 16th, 2016
"All of the stuff can be given away freely."

Files can be added on Computer Chess Wiki

Trier, Germany
June 16th, 2016

descriptionZarkov collection available ... EmptyRe: Zarkov collection available ...

Столько много информации, а ссылки нет.. :(
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