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descriptionBouquet_FE.bin book EmptyBouquet_FE.bin book

by Arturo Ochoa

_BOUQUET_FE.bin (574MB) is yet another polyglot and the product of 4 years work with both hand-tuned and automated generation.

It is a wide selection of openings and good enough to train against a chess engine.
This is the final edition of this book, due to the size.
Filter criteria: Mixture of computer and human games beyond 60 plies with results (0-1,1-0,1/2/1/2).

descriptionBouquet_FE.bin book EmptyThe link is not available anymore

The book is not available anymore.

descriptionBouquet_FE.bin book EmptyBOUQUET_FE.bin


BOUQUET_FE.bin new download link please.

descriptionBouquet_FE.bin book EmptyRe: Bouquet_FE.bin book

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