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descriptionFire 5 EmptyFire 5

Hi folks .. I wonder if Kranium ... will release the Fire 5 .... it was to release last year ... but I think back on the idea of doing it, .This year it seems to me Fire 5 is no longer the same as last year ... much less the same as the first phase of TCEC .... as Houdini 4 ... does not appear to be the same as we have ... as Rybka 4.1 ... is not the same commercial motor we know ... all seem to have upgraded their engines ... but keeping the same name ... (interesting !!, I wonder why it !!). anyway it would be very cool to have Fire 5 ... in our tournaments .... best

descriptionFire 5 EmptyRe: Fire 5

hello Kranium,, it is a time when we have not heard from here .... but I would ask if you will launch this year Fire 5 .... I understand that you must be very busy with TCEC 9,. (Congratulations, by the participation of Fire .. 4 as strength among the best ....) await their news .... best (great Fire fan) ...
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