Hi everyone, I imagine that many are aware of this new engine, very interesting and good. I have some questions to ask, any insurance someone can answer the forum. 1) It proved necessary to load the book on the brianfish engine, these are together in one folder or not? 2) You can play with end tables, although brianfish this playing with his book ?, I say this because as we know the book brings games middle game and end. 3) A look loaded the book brianfish in the engine, meaning through book path, I have to disable the book that have activated inside the gui, or can I do play an engine with a book and brianfish with yours.? 3) route within book path, the need to handwrite, or I copy and paste? 5) Since I realize, if there is some way that the engine briafish, I take the book.? 6) You can use the brianfish in the sand? 7) This book serves to infinite analysis? 8) the book bears the name of ligh, which means ?, no other book is best for that? I hope someone or together we can go revealing these questions, of course thank you very much.