Dear chess players and fans, I am young and enthusiastic chess coach who loves to work with passionate chess players all around the world and I decided to start my own new youtube channel. I' am chess coach from eastern Europe, I'm currently working as a chess coach in schools and teaching kids from 5 years old, I am also helping an international master as his second and helping him with opening repertoire and I have a few private students from USA. I'm young adult but I have spent over 10 years on playing chess in different tournaments, I had an opportunity and privilege of being a private student of two international masters for 4 years. I'm also studying at university and finishing my degree. Chess is my passion, it's the first thing I think of every morning and that's the main reason I wanted to make some videos and share it with the community of chess. It's brand new experience for me and I know it's far from perfect but those are very exciting to make and I am more than happy if at least one viewer improves his chess knowledge

I will upload chess videos including every aspect of the game: positional play (pawn levers, how to play with different pawn structures, how to improve your pieces, prophylaxis, manoeuvring, playing against weakness to mention a few), tactical skills (explaining how to become a better tactical player, how to to improve your calculations), opening repertoire (newest chess opening books included, explaining the main ideas and plans behind the moves), endgame studies (step by step explaining every major endgame). The material will be taken from my own analysis, newest chess books and I'm gonna retell what my IM coaches learned me. I do it because I love to do it.

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