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Homepage :

Author : Aaron Becker

Last version 1.75 was written in C.
2.0 is a total rewrite in Rust.
I took the opportunity to modernize Daydreamer's internals as well.
The biggest differences are a move from 0x88 board representation to bitboards and the introduction of phased move generation.
There are also big changes to input handling and time management, largely due to differences between C and Rust.

The evaluation function is mostly unchanged, but there are some tweaks due to board representation changes, and some terms that I haven't ported, including material balance calculations and endgame scaling.
There are also a number of features that I haven't ported at all, notably support for books and endgame tablebases.

I've updated and tuned the search significantly.
The biggest changes are better aspiration windowing and much more aggressive pruning.

Version 2.0 isn't complete yet; the current release is a preview.

Downloads for Windows, Linux and Mac :

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some idea of strength ELO ?

descriptionDaydreamer EmptyDaydreamer 2.0.0 preview

2700 ELO

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