I am trying to collect Stockfish nodes per second data from the computer chess community and I hope to get plenty of volunteers. The information will be useful for comparing computer chess results between computers.

I have created a package that can be downloaded at mediafire.com file/3ivy28eqxcbcliu/Stockfish_bench.zip . In that package you will find the various official compiles of Stockfish 8 (and the source code) and directions for running a script that will collect nps data for 30 positions searched to depth 24. I am hoping that people will submit data for various numbers of CPUs, especially 1 CPU and the max number of CPUs their computer has. The process took 8 1/2 minutes using 1 CPU of my i7 3840QM processor.

I will be posting people'e submissions at http://adamsccpages.blogspot.com/p/stockfish-benchmark.html . I will greatly appreciate it if you are willing to devote some time to generate the data.