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descriptionMacFish 8.1 EmptyMacFish 8.1

Michael B
No, it is not the official 'Stockfish 8.1' , in fact I'm pretty sure that there will never be an "official" Stockfish 8.1 ever. It's just that I am transitioning to releasing master and modified versions of Stockfish for macOS users on a more infrequent basis - not more than once a month and possibly longer and decided to number them x.y , with the "x" representing the last official release and the "y" representing the developmental builds as I release those going forward.

You will find the 3 releases ( master, variant and sse) with links to their respective sources and macOS exe's here:

If anyone compiles window versions of the three releases, I will be happy to add them to the GitHub web page.
MikeB wrote:
Updated with a new name to help lessen the confusion with official stockfish which I apologize for:

Great News!! smile wink

descriptionMacFish 8.1 EmptyRe: MacFish 8.1

Can U send me new link for MacFish 8.1? (Windows platform).
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