I installed Chess Titans [Mod fan version] from Softonic --it's awesome --I was winning before it turned into a Draw! It's a lot like the Windowz 7 version 'cept it's a remake. Played it once on Win 7 & I liked it --was nicer /w the Aero Window effects launch though --but this is the real deal! Played it on the easiest level /w graphics turned on full --it's certainly impressive! 170 MB but don't get fooled by the 1 MB file --it's a setup that downloads\leeches files from the internet. This is a remade version for Win 8 & 10! Reminds me of a futuristic version I had on Android (think it was "Real Chess" (last I checked.))--the [marble] piece\board moves (sound) & board (gfx) are awesome --doesn't have "Show threats" though! Link is here (online installer.): Chess Titans download (on Softonic (external)) thumb up

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