I lost all my files (Chess, electronics,..) what now? I've really gone from a bad OS (Windowz 8.1) to an excellent one (Windowz 10) /w nothing in it! If only there was a way to back-it-up in spite of the OS freezing\ hang ups every ~40 mins (~10 MB size d'ls were the most I could do at a time.) Lost my LJ blogs, my presentations, tiny apps, musik, MS Small Basic code samples, ...really everything I've worked for --okay so to explain what happened --my lappy was crashing every so often while connected to the internet --I sent it to the service center & they said they will replace the Wi-Fi adapter but will have to format the HDD to change the OS [to Win 10] --so anyway the lock-ups were fixed & now it runs fine so I can't complain --before I only got to install Chess Lv.100 & then it sputtered to a grinding halt (the Windowz Store.) But now I have over 7 apps & it works fine b/c it doesn't freeze during internet d'ls. I found a decent app that lets me stream music so I don't have to d'l gazillion mp3's to my HDD anymore & also using a separate app for YouTube which is working out swell for me. Oh & I did backup some critical files (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) like my AllNotes.docx & my Small Basic GUI MDI Form source... Lost close to 22 GB of data\ files! So far so gud --hope I don't run into or get infected by any ransomware b/c of all the warez I rip from crack-pirate sites lol! During the period between 2010-2014 I was using a Nokia C200 phone for internet & then got an iPad /w iOS 5.1.1 (ancient tech) & then a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8, which broke :{ Hrm I heard Age of Empires II is getting a new expansion soon --can't wait! I got QTTabBar so I'm not using any alternate File Managers for now.  chok
TheFreeDictionary.com now have a free grammar section --I didn't know it was free (thought it was a book.) Anyway, I'm waiting for Volume 3: "Spelling and Punctuation!"

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