Surah At Taubah (The Repentance)

The basic subjects of the Surah are: The non-believers who broke their treaties, Muslims have no obligation to honor treaties with them. Muslims must protect themselves from hypocrisy, weak faith and negligence. Battle of Tabuk and its lessons.


- Proclamation that the Treaty of Hudaibiyah is cancelled.

- Honor the treaties with those who honor them.

- Fight with those who have broken the treaty.

- Mushrikin are forbidden to be the caretakers of the Masjid al-Haram.

- Muslims should trust Allah, not just their numbers.

- Jews and Christians also committed Shirk. Command to spend in the path of Allah. The correct number of months.

- The Tabuk expedition.

- Those who stayed behind and did not participate in the Battle of Tabuk, hypocrites and weak in faith.

- The proper distribution of charity. Those who speak ill of the Prophet or make fun of Allah and His Book.

- The hypocrite men and women.

- If you have committed sins, you are ashamed of them as well and you realize about the sins you committed, you seekĀ  forgiveness from ALLAH almighty.
You also promise yourself that you won’t repeat the same sins again, that means it is a sincere repentance. If any of these three points is missing, that means your repentance is not sincere at all.

- Jihad in the way of Allah. Jihad, taken in the general sense, is for a person to engage in a struggle to refine and cleanse his ego, to fulfill the commands of the Almighty with utmost sincerity, to refrain from the impermissible, to enjoin his fellow Muslims with the good and hope for their best, to explain the principles of Islam to nonbelievers and provide a medium for their guidance and to utilize all means, be it one’s life, wealth or speech, in protecting the religion and all that which is sacred and also in eliminating all barriers that prevent the communication of Truth, through a struggle of all kinds, certainly including, though not only, warfare.

The term jihad therefore extends to and comprises all individual and social struggles and actions that are aimed towards purifying each ‘self’, and instituting an Islamic way of life, only for the sake of Allah, glory unto Him, and in the way of glorifying His religion.