I myself do not really care about all the different versions of Stockfish around now,(which seem to be getting more and more every day).

But I do have a couple of questions about the matter, I know that many testers (so-called) will get different results depending on their own set up (computer/hardware etc.).

Also some testing will be done using different game times etc. to another tester, thereby getting different results. It is well known that Komodo/ Houdini are weaker at blitz speed
chess, but a LOT stronger given more time.

Another point, the 4/5 Stockfish clones :-McBrain 2017 v2.3/ SugaR XPro/ asmFishW/Raubfisch/Brainfish ( I know of a couple of others not here but maybe even stronger).
are really only engines that have tweaks added for speed testing really, not very much use to anyone who actually plays chess and needs an engine for analysis etc.

I know that the testers enjoy their pastime and I wish them all well in the venture, but it would be nice if on some of the major testing lists the engines had all played the same number
of games (this can be different by a few hundred games sometimes, which must affect the results). Also in some cases the latest version of engine (mainly Komodo) is not being even used.

On another side of this coin is why do nearly all of the engine download sites what to rip off people or do not work etc. question

So the results given are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.  exclaim

Just my own opinion and I am sure many will not agree with any of the above....not that I will lose any sleep either way!! smile