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descriptionscct13X.bin Book Emptyscct13X.bin Book

Bin book made of the latest and biggest Sedat tournament SCCT XIII.

* Used max-ply 200!rN0iyJ7Y!QzLxYztBcbge2muLjDKepqP7tedN6X-k5xBm0tQMgHQ

descriptionscct13X.bin Book EmptyRe: scct13X.bin Book

More 2 bin books. This time I used Cerebellum_Light 25/05 converted to polyglot book merged.

cerebellumscctxiii.bin (Base book Cerebellum.bin merged with scct13X.bin)
scctxiiicerebellum.bin (Base book scct13X.bin merged with Cerebellum.bin) file/dhqrwqmwqkw6iaa/2+bin+books.rar
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