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Successor of Carballo written in Kotlin.

Homepage :

Author : Alberto Alonso Ruibal

Version : 1.8 rev.45

ELO : 2800(Java version)

Cross-platform executables(Java and Javascript version) :

Java version must be run with : java -jar Karballo-1.8_rev45.jar

Javascript version must be run with : node ./Karballo-1.8_rev45.js

Java version is much stronger and faster than Javascript version and has Fruit's small internal opening book!

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descriptionKarballo EmptyJavascript engines

Congrats for this new javascript chess engine!

By the way, is there a list of such engines (already know Stockfish, Lozza, Cinnamon, Garbochess...) well maintained somewhere?

descriptionKarballo EmptyRe: Karballo

There's also p4wn, Tomitankchess and CeruleanJS.

descriptionKarballo EmptyRe: Karballo

I didn't know the second one... thanks!

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