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descriptionLeela Zero competes in TCEC 12 EmptyLeela Zero competes in TCEC 12

Leela Chess Zero (LC0), an open source adaptation of DeepMind’s recent Alpha Zero artificial intelligence demonstration project, will compete in TCEC’s Season 12. In so doing it will become the first chess-playing neural net in history to publicly challenge traditional human chess programming since the days of Turing and Shannon. This epochal event will commence April 18th at 19:00 CET. Follow the games on the official website

Leela Chess Zero is an open source project by large community of programmers, with the goal to build a strong UCT chess AI following the same type of techniques as AlphaZero, as described in Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm i.e. follow in the steps of Alpha Zero by using the contributions of the computer chess community. Leela Chess Zero uses Stockfish’s position representation and move generation although no heuristics or prior knowledge are carried over from Stockfish.

Leela Chess Zero is going to play in TCEC Season 12, The entry is possible due to Defenchess (Div 3) withdrawing in the last moment. This means ChessBrainVB will automatically promote to Division 3 based on it’s Season 11 performance, and this in turn opens a place in Division 4 for LC0 to enter the competition.

descriptionLeela Zero competes in TCEC 12 EmptyRe: Leela Zero competes in TCEC 12

You can play a weaker version of Leela here:
1. (strongest I think)
2. (middle)
3. (weakest)

Leela Zero programmers have successfully created an online neural network engine Leela Zero. The engine will play instant move, so its rating might be around 1200-1400 I guess.

All you need to do is just click the network and play. (no username or ID is required)

Leela works on GPU, a 64 bit computer with dedicated graphic card like Geforce or AMD may require for your computer)
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