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descriptionHello All!  EmptyHello All!

Hi, joined yesterday so my shoes are still squeaking!

Old dude here pushing 8Zero, haven't played for a few years so I could do with some help, please and thanks.

I can't seem to find a free/pay GUI with its own engine that is adjustable, problem was I went out and bought Fritz 16
and then found out it's too darn tough for an out of practice beginner.

My ELO is somewhere between 600 and 900 if I lie, so I would need something in that pitiful range, that in a nut-shell
is why I can't seem to find anything?

Any suggestions, I know quit before it gets any more embarrassing!

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descriptionHello All!  EmptyRe: Hello All!

Hi Divingbell,

You could have fun with EasyPeasy chess engine (all is in the name smile) delivered with Mayura Chess Board (free). It is an UCI one thus you can use it in whatever compatible GUI you prefer, or the Mayura one of course.

As a next step and to enlarge the choice, search for engines including the 'limit Elo strength' option.
Have fun!

descriptionHello All!  EmptyThanks for your help,

Follow up,

If I understand the following, from RYBKA CHESS COMMUNITY FORUM; BY tomgdrums  DATE 2010-11-29 00:20

> There's also Aquarium, with built-in limit strength feature that can be used with any compliant UCI engine.
> And of course the freeware option is Homer, that attempts to play at your level.

I think he was more concerned with the engines that have the UCI limit strength.  A lot of the free engines don't utilize the limit strength feature.

I think the Shredder GUI is easier to work with than Aquarium for limit strength stuff.

" So there are some GUI's as well as engines that can be manipulated to limit strength just means finding them"

I'll start looking,


descriptionHello All!  EmptyHello All

Have you tried Lucas Chess? It's completely free and has enough material to keep you busy for years. It's designed so that it can help anyone from a beginner to an expert, with plenty of help on everything from openings to tactics to endgames. I strongly recommend it.

descriptionHello All!  EmptyRe: Hello All!

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