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descriptionOpen Source Engines Byak-Calculon-Horus-Taltos EmptyOpen Source Engines Byak-Calculon-Horus-Taltos


the following open-source engines are having obsolete Windows binaries or other cross-platform executables; because probably their authors use nowadays Linux distributions:

Byak - CCWiki 2015-03-16

Calculon - CCWiki 2014-06-27

Horus - CCWiki 2016-12-27

Taltos - CCWiki 2016-11-17

If anyone can build 32/64 executable files for Windows ( without bmi2 ... ction_Sets ) or Java (jar-files), please let me know respectively host such data on a place like Google Drive etc.

Best wishes,

descriptionOpen Source Engines Byak-Calculon-Horus-Taltos EmptyRe: Open Source Engines Byak-Calculon-Horus-Taltos

Complied Byak with source files from github. works well but did have compiler warnings i didn't correct.

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