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description The London System by IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics] Empty The London System by IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]

Re: The London System by IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]
Post  JIHED2KALAI Today at 10:35 am
Password: CAISSA
Introduction: About this course
Part 1: Lessons in the London System
1. London System: Magnus style! (Carlsen – Bosiocic)
2. Grischuk crushes the King’s Indian (Grischuk – Khusnutdinov)
3. Organizing your attack (Rosen – NN)
4. Nakamura beats the London in 11 moves (Bareev – Nakamura)
5. Studying new variations with an engine (Stockfish – Rosen)
6. The best line against the London (Juan Carlos Gonzalez Zamora – Viktor Laznicka)
7. Countering the “best line”
8. Setting up a devastating attack (Rosen – Do)
9. Playing the London in bullet (Rosen – NN)
Part 2: Tactics Explained
1. Didn’t see that coming…
2. Most famous London tactic
3. Crazy novelty
4. Simple and venomous Nc3
5. Positional and tactical chess combined
6. Activity over material
7. Identifying targets
8. Knockout punch
9. Kingside destruction
10. Capitalizing on the awkward queen
11. Punishing greed
12. Common trap
13. Double attack (piece targets)
14. Double attack (pawn targets)
15. Attacking the uncastled king
16. Leveraging the open h-file
17. Most common London trap
18. Punishing black’s weaknesses
19. Restricting the opponent
20. Pin and win
21. Poison pawn
22. Rubinstein plays the London!
23. Simple oversight
24. Sacrificing to rip open the castled king
25. Forcing moves
26. Tactics for positional purposes
27. Taking down the King’s Indian setup
28. White blunders on move 4
29. Cruel and unusual tactic
30. Concrete calculation
31. Unusually strong positional idea
32. Capitalizing on an awkward setup
33. Aronian’s awesome attack
34. Super GM destroys a master with creative play
35. Positional bind leads to tactical massacre
36. Beating an IM in 9 moves with epic queen sac
37. Look for the counterattack!
38. Black should have castled sooner
39. Unstoppable threat
40. Double piece sac to mate
41. Don’t mess with Naroditsky
42. Overwhelming attack
43. Unexpected intermezzo
44. GM crushes 2100 in a positional masterpiece
45. The power of alignment
46. Super GM Gelfand falls into deep prep
47. Aronian’s creative miniature win over Nepomniachti
48. Grandmaster makes quick work of amateur
49. Breaking through a locked position
50. Grandmaster brutally attacks 1800

description The London System by IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics] EmptyNew Links

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