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Interesting idea:

CombiChess github

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There are not many ready-made solutions, but I found something:

Aiquiri adapter

Nucleus is the previous name.

ChessCombi adapter

These are not ideal solutions, but several tests can be performed. Especially Aiquiris looks promising. I checked that it is working in the Arena (you have to set a fixed time for movement). Unfortunately it doesn't work in infinite analysis mode. And unfortunately it doesn't work in Fritz.
I tried ChessCombi earlier, but the results were poor.

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There is no exe file, but you can prepare it.

1. Copy and to your hard drive.
2. Go to "" and download "Windows x86-64 executable installer"
3. Install Python with default settings.
4. Run "cmd" (Windows command line) and type "pip install python-chess"
5. Edit and select which endines you want to use. Example:

engineFileNames = ["stockfish.exe","houdini.exe","komodo.exe"]

6. Copy selected exe files (engines) to the "engines" subfolder.
7. Go to the directory containing the py files.
8. In command line type "pyinstaller -wF". The Launcher.exe file will be created.
9. Extract Launcher.exe from the "dist" directory.
10. Install the Launcher.exe engine in the GUI.


I recommend these settings:

engineFileNames = ["lc0.exe","stockfish_10.exe","houdini.exe"]

LC0 is selected as the main engine and should support opening and middle game. The other two engines support tactics and endgames. It is important that the booster engines at the beginning of the game do not indicate movements with one voice, because then they will dominate LC0. For this reason, you should choose engines that are not clones of stockfish. And of course you will need a modern graphics card (GTX 1060 or faster) to make LC0 show its positional advantage.

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Goratschin thumb up

A very promising project. Unfortunately, in the initial phase. In my case only "boss" engines work.

In my opinion, this will be the number 1 "engine", which will be able to beat both Stockfish and LC0 in a direct battle exclaim

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