Allie 0.2:-

Allie 0.2 has just been released.
Some of the new things in this release:
Support for Syzygy Tablebases with WDL
Support Syzygy Tablebases with DTZ
Enable PEXT for movegen
FPU reduction
Root move selection
Honor target depths and node number UCI commands
Windows build fixes
Fix two castling bugs
Fix problem with 3-fold reps
Encode fake history for fen
Virtual loss fixes

Allie 0.2: has passed the turn to move from the fourth to the third division of the TCEC, then it has passed the turn to arrive in the second division, now in the second division it is currently in first place and there are programs how Xiphos, Fritz16 and Booot

Will we find it at the final stage of the TCEC against Stockfish, Houdini, Komodo and Lc0?

Download Here