New Cerebellum book 25.03.2019 available

Brain Book                   Date                 Positions      Info
Cerebellum book          March 25, 2019  9069259    Release 172

Brainfish needs a Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin book to play as Brainfish.
Without this book, it plays identical to Stockfish.
The book can be registered in your UCI Engine setup for Brainfish in the parameter BookFile.
This parameter must contain the full path and name of Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin.

For example if you unzip the Cerebellum_light_160731 folder on your drive d:, BookFile must contain:

BrainFish/Cerebellum successes in the Infinity Chess Engine Masters Tournaments:
Engine Masters 32 (Brainfish + Cerebellum first place)
Engine Masters 31 (Brainfish successful)

Cerebellum book