Dimitri v4.90:-

Dimitri v4.90 Dimitri490

Winboard Chess Engine

Dimitri is a Viusual Basic 6 application and requires VB6 Runtime installed on your system to work.
(on Windows 8/8.1/10 Dimitri did not even issue without runtime installed, but this is can not be a guarantee for your computer)
32Bit Chess Engine (not own gui at the moment)
Chess Engine Communication Protocol 2.1 (WinBoard)
Dimitri 4.90 is about 2600 Elo FCCG 180+3 and 2570 Elo Italian G-S.E.I. Rating
10 progressive difficulty levels
The Opening Book is simple text file, You can edit it or create new by using windows notepad or other text editor
Style Options : Balanced, Defensive and Aggressive
Reasoning Options : Thoughtful, Doubtful or Sure (this option affects Dimitri's used time, depth search and moves generator)
BookFile Option (only from ini file for the moment - require a simple txt file. the book is easy to edit or create new with a simple text editor)
Hash Table Size option up to 1024Mb (only from ini file - min 32mb max 1024mb)
Draw Contempt option
Fixed WinBoard 'Feature Option' (Chess Com. Protocol 2.1) so, you can now configure Dimitri directly in GUI or use the config file
Resign option. If Dimitri records a drastic change in loss score and the Resign value is true, he retires
You can use Winboard, Arena GUI, ChessGUI_net or Ubisoft Chessmaster to play with Dimitri in WInboard native mode.
Dimitri Works also in Fritz, Acquariumz ShredderGUI, ChessPartner, Chess Assistant or other UCI GUI throught WB2UCI adapter (included like DimitriUCI.exe)

Please note : Now name is Dimitri and no longer DimitriWBE!

Download Here

The zip file contains engine with new small book and config file, The WB2UCI files (DimitriUCI.exe), new logo for Winboard, Arena and Fritz GUI

download VB6 Runtime if need
download Winboard 4.8.0