TWIC 2300+ 190715

Below is the download link for two versions of the final release of the TWIC games based books. This replaces previous releases download links. The 190617 book's link may remain active up to a week of this release.

The Pure book is comprised of games up to 40 moves, 80 ply depth, played in the twelve month period to the book date filtered to remove games where one or both players are below 2300; games of less than 20 moves, Chess Variant and computer games.

The Games book has In addition the games that have been played against different opening books. Those games have also been used to add learning by move weighting using the "Learn from database" option in the Fritz GUI and in addition learning by win biasing that is not part of the Chessbase options. In this final release, some counter measure lines have also been added in some of the enigne games winning lines where better moves were found for the losing side based on analyis in the range 35 to 40 ply deep.

Guidelines for book settings are included for each book but are essentially the same.