Vitamin RC6 Stronger than RC7 4/9/19

Vitamin 17 book = Vitamin 17 RC6 "NPFIS6f6G" =>

If you are a fan of this book well, the version RC6 is more powerfull than RC7.

Let´s read what his creator wrote below.

- Here you are RC6 a sibling version of Vitamin CTG book, RC7
- Info: RC5,RC6,RC7 ... were built the same day September 04
- RC7 played at Sedat SCCT 31. I had to send one of them on Sept 04 but that day... I did not know which one was the strongest
- These days... I have confirmed RC6 is stronger than RC7.
- Well, not so 'bad luck': there was a third sibling RC5, weakest one :argh:
- Anyway, I convert this bad luck in good luck for you all, sharing the book


CTG book settings: VIL = 40/100/0

Minimum games 0
up to move 80
VOP 40% 120/300 IN DF16
IOLV 100%
LS 0 %