Anabolic Updated 7 January 2019


This new version of Aanabolic was tested playing 20 games against Cerebellum_Light_NetT610_191106

Anabolic won 3 Drew 16 and Lost 1

Anabolic  was also tested against the strongest version of Vitamin that was created until now and It is Vitamin 17 Rc9 Bin format.

They played 10 times and Anabolic won 1 and drew 9 times.

Lat, Anabolic played 10 games against Cerebellum_light_191106.

Anabolic Won 1 Drew 8 and Lost 1

Anabolic was created to move

E4 50%
D4 50%

so, Pay attention, because if Anabolic doesnt start with E4 or D4 , it means that your program is not working properly.

Best Book Move: False
Book Depth: 40