Recognition And Kudos Go Out This Day To A Chess Legend Michael Byrne (Michael B)..Not only have you kept the Legacy of The Original Legendary Engine Crafty Going to the present day (Thx..Bob Hyatt)...but in addition added the Super Strong McCain engine series....You Have also added Crystal.. Honey... BlueFish....and Now Black Diamond chess engines (Based on Stockfish...Recently downloaded Honey X6 and Honey XR7 engine files and with all the various compiles there must be 60+
engines (Both w32 and w64) in the mix....add in the various book arrangements and parameter combinations & setup it could take many weeks or months to test them all...Anyway it will be fun and challenging to try and do it properly...Thank You For The Great Work You Do My Friend...Congratulations and Well Done!! smile

Crafty Crafty

Honey Honey X