The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics (4th April) are available for viewing from the following links: (40/15) (40/2) (FRC 40/2)

Please note that the three lists are often updated separately to each other. The FRC list is only updated when a new engine or engine version is being/has been tested.

The links to the various rating lists can be found just beneath the default Best Versions list (as in this screenshot). Specific 32-bit rating lists are denoted as such to the right of the default list in each category. The default lists contain the 64-bit engines.

CCRL 40/15, 40/2 and FRC lists updated (4th April 2020) CCRL-lists

Our 40 moves in 15 minutes repeating and 40 moves in 2 minutes repeating are both adjusted to the Intel i7 4770k (3.5GHz) using the Stockfish 10 64-bit benchmark.

Be aware that in the early stages of testing, an engine's rating can often fluctuate a lot.
It is strongly advised to look at the many other rating lists available in order to get a more accurate overall picture of an engine's rating relative to others.

Thanks to all of our currently active testers (Graham, Ray, Gabor, Sergio and Volodymyr). Thanks also to for hosting our website.

40/15 testing this week that I'm aware of will include (with live broadcast port for TLCV noted where applicable):

79th Amateur Series Division 3 Tournament (finishing Thursday 16002)
79th Amateur Series Division 4 Tournament (continuing 16053)
78th Amateur Series Division 5 Tournament (starting Thursday 16002)
It Came In The Night Tournament (finishing Tuesday 16001)
New Tournament (starting Tuesday 16001)
KnightX 1.98 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16063)
Marvin 3.5.0 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16065)
Francesca MAD 0.28 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16066)
SugaR XPro NN 1.0 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16091)
Topple 0.7.5 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16092)
Bagatur 2.0 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16093)
Ethereal 12.00 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16094)
Ethereal 12.00 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (continuing 16083)
Topple 0.7.5 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (continuing 16084)

40/2 testing since the last update report has included (thanks to Gabor, Sergio and Volodymyr):

Weiss 0.9 64-bit
Celes 0.78 RWBC
Tinman 0.2.0 64-bit
tomitankChess 4.0 64-bit
Sapeli 1.79 64-bit
Stash 12.0 64-bit
Schooner 2.2 64-bit 4CPU
chess22k 1.13 64-bit 4CPU
Francesca MAD 0.28 64-bit
Brainless 20081212 64-bit
Bagatur 2.0 64-bit
MorphyChess 1.0.5 64-bit
Minic 2.00 64-bit 4CPU
Igel 2.4.0 64-bit 4CPU
Demolito 2020-03-30 64-bit
Delocto 0.61n 64-bit

40/2 FRC since the last update (thanks to Ray):

SlowChess Blitz Classic 2.0 64-bit (in progress)