Monolith 2 Chess Engine....Enjoy!!

Monolith 2
Post by cimarronOST » Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:30 pm

I've just released Monolith 2.
The engine has changed a lot since Monolith 1 after 41 Elo-gaining patches and lots of quality updates. I've also added Elo estimates in the source code of many features of the search, evaluation and move-ordering which may be of interest to other chess engine authors.

Source and various pre-compiled binaries can be found here:

Android Arm7

Android Arm8

Included for the first time are also flavors for Android.

Estimate of strength improvement (bullet game):
Score of Monolith 2 vs Monolith 1: 6949 - 886 - 2165 [0.803] 10000\
Elo difference: 244.26 +/- 6.94