While working on a Project Concerning Humans vs Chess Engines a problem/Issue has come to my attention....A large drop off in the amount of contested chess programs/engines vs Human games and matches available in the last 20-25 years..The primary blame may be that as Chess Engines have become stronger...(SuperStrong is my term) Human players have played them less and less..and primarily use them now for analysis instead..I place blame on engine strength (Stockfish is the leader of the pack) and playing style...(more boring sterile playing styles) Hence I figured it would be a good idea to reintroduce players to engines with nice playing styles that are fun but not overly strong (Superstrong)...experiment and Have Fun!! Windows...Android & Mac strength 2300 and below (estimated) smile

Windows. Crafty 11, Thinker 3.0c, Queen, GLC, Chessbin, Chess 1.3, Chads Chess, Simple, Chessbin, Murderhole, Samchess, Dragontooth, IQ23, Mint, Jabba, Needle, Soberango, Soldat, Greko etc..

Android. Joanna NG Play ChessOne, Colchess, Jester, Bikjump, Samchess Smash, Olithink, Pulse, Sunsetter, etc

Mac. Fruit...Komodo 1.3 Daydreamer Exchess etc...

mediafire.com file/kptbnak4me38esz/Easy_To_Play_Chess_Engines.7z/file

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