Hi all,
I have a quite decent computer with dual socket 2011-v3 (x99). (Dell Precision T7810 - 32 gb DDR4)
I can attach 2 Intel Xeon E5-26xx V3 and V4.
Actually I have 1 Intel Xeon E5-2637v3 3.5ghz and 4c/8t.
I just started to play "correspondence" chess again and my goal is to set a good analysis machine.
I have other Xeons with 6c/12t (x58) and 8c/16t (x79), did some test and my impresiión was that e5-2637v3 was the fastest...
Now I want to update the computer CPU and need advice...what is more important to get better performance? Mhz? Cores? L3 cache?

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.