It seems proved true that LC0 (Leela) does indeed play close to full strength in CPU systems with the small nets (7500k?) in place instead of the very large nets (20..30..40..56..100 mb) or the medium sized nets or the moderate sized nets...(I believed "Bigger was better" but this turned out to be false) Engine plays extremely strong with the smaller nets (even the older LC0 models play better except for some of the first models that don't seem to read the small nets "no moves made")
Time losses in the Fritz GUI seem to be eliminated in the newer models...Top flight positional play viewed with some of the tactical problems minimized but not eliminated 100%....most games now last intil the late middlegame to early ending..(50-70 moves)....This engine does seem "Tuned" to defeat Stockfish....strange results still evident against weaker engines (draw with King v3.33)...Time will tell... smile