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if you know how to make a book and tune it, you don't have the necessity of buying books.

in this forum, all the bin books posted were not tuned and therefore are easy to defeat. the only exception is cerebellum.

all the moves and openings from other books were copied and added. that's why most of the games played are draw.

this is the disadvantage when you participate in tournaments, then you see the games and you see how all the books move.

only a fool can buy books.

even if you use a weak bot like horvig you can draw against strong bots like full12.

there's a guy on flyordie with more than 1000 points, he uses don bin book, all the moves and openings were copied so it is easy to know how the book will move, you don't need the ponder function.

that is the reason you need to update your book each day, change positions, add new ones, delete openings and add new ones.

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His uncle is Chess master but he don't even know about FIDE
All Indian's are stupid except me

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Because the subject is the same as another post, I will repeat the same answer...

I am not sure if I would buy the Goi Books series.

What I can tell for sure, that the original Don Books series are highly tuned. I have one of the latest versions of that book and it is very high tuned.

The author has his blog here: I ordered it and he was very polite and quick.

Other sources, which are "selling a Don book", is just a crap.

I am less convinced and less convinced that I should stay in this Forum....

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