Type: Other
Version: Leela Chess Zero Engine v 0.26.2.
Brief description: Lc0 Engine for DroidFish.
After installing the application Leela Chess Zero Engine v 0.26.2 from 2.09.20 g-DroidFish will select this engine.
The engine is only for ARM processors. Leela Chess Zero Engine v 0.26.2 om 2.09.20 r MOD ARMv7-v8 os. 4. 0+. apk ( 13.53 MB )

What's new in version 0.26.2 from 2.09.2020 (Google translate):
Repetitions in the search tree are marked as drawings to explore more promising lines.
Enabled by default (except for self-play mode), use --two-fold-draws=false to disable it.
Syzygy database files can now be used in a standalone game. We still need to add support for the court decision before we can use this for training.
The default network has been updated to 703810.
Correction for a book with the end of the line CR / LF.
Updated Eigen packaging to use the new download link.

Changes in fashion:
Debugging information was removed from .FCA;
Home page translated;
Minimal compression applied .arc and package optimization to reduce RAM and CPU load;
Replaced the icon.