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descriptionEngines with aggresive, sacrafical playing style! EmptyEngines with aggresive, sacrafical playing style!

Hello guys!

Which engines would you consider that have aggresive, sacrafical playing style (exclude SF contempt=100). Also any books with aggresive openings.

Thank you, have a nice day!

descriptionEngines with aggresive, sacrafical playing style! EmptyTry Benjamin 2

You can make the engine play madly (i.e., Insane sacrificial tendency) by increasing the gambit value to say 200!! When I ran a tournament of Benjamin 2 against Stockfish 12 and dev builds by increasing the gambit value, I got all losses for Benjamin 2. Even with lower gambit value, it only registered losses.

Conclusion: Trying a sacrifice to an engine these days thinking it will not notice, is getting nearly impossible especially stockfish. If you are playing to win while minimizing losses go for positional play with good books but if you are wanting to play for fun without the fear of loss, try Benjamin 2. It is a good engine so to speak of. My compliments to the maker. :)
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