Perfect 2020 beta release notes:
• Based on short, but strong openings (up to 8 moves) played in SCCT
• Due to many requests, finely I realized to release it (as CTG format)
• It's completely new version and contains engine games av.3500 Elo
• This is exactly the same book, which participated in the recent XLVI
• Later (date unknown) I hope to work over other several book formats
• Any allowed opening line (I mean for playing) is carefully hand tuned
• Winning percentage of mostly openings av. Whites 55%/ Blacks 45%
• These values are checked by close in strength engines (av. 3500 Elo)
• Mostly opening lines are played 1.000.000+ SCCT games (since 2002)
• I've spent almost 20 years for the optimization over these openings
• Book Settings: Optimized 0/8 (for more info check the screenshot)
• As alternative, Variety of Play can be near to Middle / Reset Weights
• As usual, Perfect 2020b book is recommended for tourneys, ratings…

Book Author:
Sedat Canbaz