Hello everyone,
i tried to configure lc0 on gui Fritz15 x86, it works .... it seems fine to me, but i didn't understand how i can change network.

I download the network, eg. "Sergio-V - 256x20-t40-1541.pb", which is an archive, I have to put it in the folder where the lc0.exe executable is in which format?

1) do I insert the archive as I downloaded it? "Sergio-V - 256x20-t40-1541.pb.rar"
(it doesn't seem logical)

2) or, do I unzip it and insert the file obtained as it is in the folder? "256x20-mod-swa-1541000.pb"

3) or, do I rename the file "256x20-mod-swa-1541000.pb" to weights.txt?

Incidentally, what confuses me the most is that unpacking the lc0 archive puts me in the folder together with the executable the network but in the format "703810.pb.rar" not weights.txt, so I don't understand sad