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Short summary:

1. A test suite with 5000 positions was created. (css wm + hard talkchess + sts + nolot + tim krabbe + brilliant moves + der brillante schachzug + arasan + fischer + endspiel test + alpha zero + kai laskos + eret + top 10 top shots + nightmare + wac + bt + ecm + pet + lct + iq4 + the engine crackers + ttt2 + act3 and ...
2. The test suite was useless because CFish from 26.02.2021 was to good.
3. CFish with 7-pieces syzygy tablebases, 8 tb ssd, on a 10 years old pc, 320 mb ram and 1 second per position solved 4762 of 5000 positions = 95.24%.
4. The test takes to much time.
5. When somebody wants to test more engines, then it takes much more time.
6. It doesn't make sense and fun to see CFish again and again with every new dev. version solving the same nearly 5000 positions.
7. All solved position are deleted.
8. CFish from 26.02.2021 is solving on a 10 years old pc (i7 3930k @4.2GHz 12 threads watercooled) 0 of 238 positions = 0%
9. It will be interesting to see how many positions Stockfish can solve before the year will be over.

+ All 238 positions were checked
+ Extreme multivariation mode
+ Extreme depth
+ 64 gb ram
= The entire working time: 3 months

-> take a look into the ChessBase Live Book if you need help. When your engine is working, take a look at the 3 best engine variants.

CBH (ChessBase + Fritz GUI)



AMD Threadripper with 64 true cores is about 30 times faster per second.
That could have changed the entire working time from 90 days to 3 days.
Maybe I should buy at the end of 2022 or 2023 an AMD Threadripper with 128 true cores! + 512 GB RAM.
= The solution from 60 seconds would be available after only 1 second.

How many positions can you solve with 1 second per position?
How many positions can you solve with 30 seconds per position?
How many positions can you solve with 60 seconds per position?
How many positions can you solve with 100 seconds per position? -> it was much lesser than expected.

Have fun :-D and please copy and paste the message to other chess forums, so other people can also have fun.