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"The first Note is that these flaws have been evident in the World of Chess for Quite Some Time. Current FIDE system is limited to a "Elite Club of Younger Players Picked using a Rigged system of Mostly "Invitation Only" events limited to the top 10-20 players based on rating only. Even ex World Champions are currently unable to get invites to Top Tier events (For Example Anand Topolov Ponomariov and Hikaru Nakamura etc) Women also do not get invites or even the occasional wild card to these mostly Private events. These events are organized into a type of "World Tour" with mostly the same players playing the same/similar events..Qualification entry rules are so tight even Kasparov Karpov or RJF himself could not gain entry to such events..Web Sites and Chessplayers are so frustrated by the FIDE rigged system that they have started organizing their own events Online with Great Success...We The ChessPlayers and the Chessplaying Public Must remind FIDE and the Elite club of So Called Top Chessplayers participating in this CHARADE that we wish to see the WORLDS STRONGEST PLAYERS Participating in these events..."As many as possible with the "WORLDS BEST COMING OUT ON TOP" Also the Chess Playing Public Wants to See More Diversity in these WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS.."AFRICA..MIDDLE EAST..ISRAEL.. ASIA & SOUTH AMERICA PLAYERS MUST HAVE A SEAT IN THESE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS FROM NOW ON!!!" New Candidates Format must be a MINIMUM of 16 Players with 8 spots Determined by The FIDE Ratings/ World Cup Events/Swiss Etc and with the Other 8 spots in the Candidates Tournament determined by Zonal Qualifiers and or Wild Cards...All Ex Champions should be Eligible for a WILD CARD DIRECTLY INTO THE CANDIDATES TOURNAMENT (Heres a plan..An All ex World Champs Tourney with The Top Four Getting Seeded directly into The Candidates would be Interesting and Fair with Tons of Revenue generated from Global Interest) That Leaves Four other slots available for Direct seeding into the Candidates Tourney 1. AFRICAN ZONAL 2. ASIA/MIDDLE EAST ZONAL 3. WOMENS ZONAL QUALIFIER 4. SOUTH AMERICAN ZONAL QUALIFIER...Winners of the Zonal events are "IN" the Candidates.Strongest Players were not even at the Russian 2020-2021 event...example Rajabov..Krammik..Topolov..Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Ponomariov (ex champ) Kasparov (ex champ) Khalifman (ex Champ) Karpov (ex champ)..Anand (ex Champ) While we are in a Chess Boom caused by "The Queens Gambit" and Covid 19. Lets not Frustrate and Cheat the Chessplayers and The Chessgoing Public...In Order to Get the Best Chess..The Worlds Best Chess Players Need to Be Seating In The Tournament Hall...Robert Fischer warned us about "Prearrangements" Lets Give The Public The Drama and The High Quality Chess They Deserve!! INCLUSION AND REFORM MOVES CHESS FORWARD!!

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