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descriptionBrainLearn 15.2 chess engine EmptyBrainLearn 15.2 chess engine


Refactored MCTS (thanks to Norman Schmidt )
More refined MCTS
Fix on learning
Stockfish patch
Author: Rui Coelho
Date: Thu Jan 13 22:25:01 2022 +0100
Timestamp: 1642109101

Use complexity in search

This patch uses the complexity measure (from #3875) as a heuristic for null move pruning.
Hopefully, there may be room to use it in other pruning techniques.
I would like to thank vondele and locutus2 for the feedback and suggestions during testing.

descriptionBrainLearn 15.2 chess engine EmptyRe: BrainLearn 15.2 chess engine

Thank you for sharing... thumb up clap
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