Match conditions:
-Hash=256 MB
-GUI: Arena 3.5.1
-Books: SuperGM_4mvs.abk (8 plies book) for both engines
-default settings for both engines
-1 thread-CPU=Intel i5-7400-3GHz (Kaby Lake)
-TBS: 6-men Syzygy bases for both engines
-NNs: the latest SF nn-6877cd24400e.nnue for Raubfisch X48d1_nn_sl-bmi2; own big net for Fat_Titz_2_x64-bmi2 (both by
Tomasz Sobczyk)
-OS: Windows 10 Home.

My test for Raubfisch X48d1_nn_sl-bmi2 Clipbo98

My test for Raubfisch X48d1_nn_sl-bmi2 Clipbo99

+5 -4 =91

+7 Elo points for Raubfisch X48d1_nn_sl-bmi2

Raubfisch X48d1_nn_sl-bmi2 is the new champion on my PC. The single chess engine which is capable to beat F.Titzy_2 on my machine.
Now I test v.d2 of Raubfisch X48 (dd9dfbeb098b.nnue).