Judit Polgar vs the World – a world record attempt

A fantastic chess weekend is ahead of us. The Charity Chess Cup 2022 starts on Saturday (See the full lineup here / Live video / Live games), the Top Chess Engine Championship is having the key games of the Premier Division (Live games), while Judit Polgar and ten influencers will try to set a new world record in Judit Polgar vs the World 2022.

A unique, integrated social event with Judit Polgar that involves all chess individuals, enthusiasts and communities all over the world will take place this March 20th 14:00 CET / 17:00 GST / 9 a.m. ET. The goal is millions of people to virtually sit down and play live against a single player. During the 11-board online simul, Judit Polgár faces ten influencers with a total of 6 million followers, and virtually the world on the “world board”. In the influencers’ section, among others, Judit will play with a children’s community on one board, and in line with our “2022 – Year of Women in Chess” initiative, members of a women’s community on another.

Live games: Follow the event live via Chess Connects us / Live commentary / US Chess Girls board Following the games, Polgar will summarize and analyze the moves, discuss strategies, and give feedback on the teams’ performances.