I invite you to read the rating of chess engines running on macOS.

The MCERL - Mac Chess Engine Rating List - was created to give a approximate view of the strength the chess engines running on the Apple macOS operating system.

Hardware: MacBook Pro M1
OS: macOS Monterey 12.3
GUI: Banksia 0.53 beta
CPU's: 1 per engine
Hash: 128 MB per engine
Tablebases: No
Opening: Perfect 2021
Ponder: Off
Thinking Time: 1 minute + 0 seconds for each (= 1'+0')

link: MCERL

I would like to thank the user named jpqy for his valuable comments and advice on maintaining a ranking list of chess engines. Thank you very much! I will certainly take all of your suggestions into account in the future maintenance of MCERL.

Regards, Darius