European Institute for Wasting Time works even in weekends ! For the progress of mankind, of couse. I present below the latest scientific researches of the institute:

Match conditions:

-Hash=256 MB
-GUI: Arena 3.5.1
-Book: SuperGM_4mvs.abk (8 plies book) for both engines
-1 thread-CPU=Intel i5-7400-3GHz (Kaby Lake)
-TBS: 6-men Syzygy bases for both engines
-NNs: SF nn-3c0aa92af1da.nnue for Kayra 1.4 bmi2 & own big net for Fat_Titz_2_win64-bmi2
-OS: Windows 10 Home.

The final result:

Kayra 1.4 bmi2 test Clipb166

Kayra 1.4 bmi2 test Clipb167

+4 -2 =94

+7 Elo points for Kayra 1.4 bmi2 in my 100 games match.


Searching the institute's archive I found a paper very relevant to probability theory. Take a look at the result below:

Kayra 1.4 bmi2 test Clipb169

Kayra 1.4 bmi2 test Clipb168

+4 -2 =94

+7 Elo points for Stockfish_15_x64_bmi2 in my 100 games match.

Long live computer chess ..... its wonders ..... and the countless scientists who create day and night unseen miracles .......

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