Sydney Roger Cook, died this week aged 80...

Who is Sydney Roger Cook?
He is the true creator of the ELO system used in chess as well as in other sports.

"In 1960, Elo started a rating system, primitively computerised, for the US, and in 1962, Cook, aged 20, as part of a graduate thesis, did the same in NSW. Both systems covered all tournament players, showing not only a player’s ranking but also the gap between them.
Thus an expectation of victory in a game between any two players could be calculated.

By 1966, Cook had not only seen most of Australia adopt his system but had also created the first serious international ranking list, which included almost every top tournament from the previous two years and saw Viktor Korchnoi edging out Bobby Fischer in first place.
The list was both accurate and dynamic, trying to seriously assess current form rather than accumulated achievement.
When the world body FIDE asked Elo to launch an international rating system, he acknowledged that the system he was using was essentially Cook’s – but Elo’s name stuck."

by - Sydney Morning Herald, 5/29/2022