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descriptionMANTIS Die Hard EmptyMANTIS Die Hard

Hi friends,

Here is new MANTIS-DH.
Parameters : Best move OFF, DEPTH 40.


Some deleted draw lines. Added hundreds of fast wins (<60 moves) both sides.

Beginning with Die Hard version, games are added after analyzing one by one each move of win side so that I keep only best variants only. Takes hours but when you love it, no matter how much time you spend.

Best Regards.

descriptionMANTIS Die Hard EmptyMANTIS-DH1

Hi Friends,

Here is first updated MANTIS-DH1 bin book, for this special day. Free for all, designed for all kind of tournaments and all engines.

Some more black win lines c4 openings. Hundreds more e4 and d4 white wins. And more draws to fill the holes when out of win lines.

Parameters : BEST MOVE OFF DEPTH 40.


Best regards.
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