Part 1:


  • Time per game: 4 minutes + 2 seconds gaining
  • 2 cores per engine
  • Permanent brain (ponder): off
  • No opening book nor opening suite
  • Hashtable size: 1024 MB
  • Interface used: Fritz 18
  • Tablebases used: 3-4-5 pieces Syzygy


  • CPU: Intel i7-4771
  • RipJaws DDR3 RAM 32 GB
  • EVO SSD 512 GB


  • ShashChess 22 bmi2
  • StockfishMZ 230522 bmi2
  • Dragon 3 by Komodo Chess avx2
  • BrainLearn 17 bmi2
  • CorChess 3 020622 bmi2
  • Stockfish Polyglot 15 x64 bmi2

Note: I would have liked to have the latest Lc0 in the tournament...
I tried the CPU version, but I stopped as the CPU fan hurled...
The past month I kept a tournament with Lc0 and it damaged my graphic card, I have a 2014 PC and not enough money to replace the components, so I have to be extra-careful. In view of this, I had sadly to exclude Lc0 from the tournament. If this chess engine used only two cores instead of sticking on four maybe it would have been possible.

Chess engines tournament June 2022 Engines_tournament_1_June_2022_final

Download the games here.

StockfishMZ has won this tournament. Most of the wins were made with Queen's Opening and against Dragon 3 by Komodo. Stockfish Polyglot lost one game to StockfishMZ but then won one against ShashChess. I am planning to start another tournament this same night, but be aware: it will take many days because I'm behind cleaning duties and I have to make a trip back home bringing all the stuff with me (hence main PC dismantling and reassembly in the middle of the tournament). I will let you know the challengers.