Vault is a UCI-compliant chess engine derivating from Stash, using a neural network for evaluating positions. Preferably used with a GUI like Arena, CuteChess, Fritz, etc.

Note that the current project version is not "stable", as I'm still working on a better Makefile configuration for faster builds.


The repository consists of the following files:

Readme.md, the file you are currently reading.
LICENSE, a text file containing the GNU General Public License version 3.
src, the directory containing all the source code + a Makefile that can be used to compile Vault on Unix-like systems (or Windows if you installed MinGW). Note that Git LFS is needed for downloading the network from CLI.
utils/build.sh, a script that facilitates compilation and network updates. This is the easiest way to get fast PGO builds for now.
UCI Parameters

Vault supports for now all these UCI options:


Indicates the path of the neural network to use (defaults to <empty>, which falls back on using the HCE).


Sets the number of cores used for searching a position (defaults to 1).


Sets the hash table size in MB (defaults to 16).

Clear Hash

Clears the hash table.


Output the best N lines (principal variations) when searching. Leave at 1 for best performance.

Move Overhead

Assumes a time delay of x milliseconds due to network and GUI overheads. Increase it if the engine often loses games on time. The default value of 100 ms should be sufficient for all chess GUIs.


A derivative of Stash, my other chess engine project"

Vault v0.4 Beta

Windows x64 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-windows-general-64.exe

Windows x32 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-windows-general-32.exe

Windows Modern x64 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-windows-x86_64-modern.exe

AVX2 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-windows-x86_64-avx2.exe

BMI2 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-windows-x86_64-bmi2.exe

Linux x64 https://github.com/mhouppin/vault/releases/download/v0.4-beta/vault-0.4-linux-x86_64