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descriptionChessBase 11 Video Tutorials EmptyChessBase 11 Video Tutorials

for those who have CB11 they may found this helpfull:

ChessBase 11 has had quite a makeover from previous versions. Here is now a detailed series of short videos going through all the features of the program. I use ChessBase in conjunction with the PGN files I generate and then do such things as search for novelties, create assessments of the positions using chess engines. A database progam adds so much to following the many chess events that are on the internet. ChessBase 11 has a download games function which automatically updates the program with up to the last four issues of TWIC depending on how frequently you use this function. Nick Murphy is a chess player, actor and also has extensive experience in providing support for ChessBase products. You can also find all these videos on the London Chess Centre YouTube Page.

descriptionChessBase 11 Video Tutorials EmptyRe: ChessBase 11 Video Tutorials

great exclaim
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