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descriptionSoftware for solving chess problems / puzzles / endgame studies List EmptySoftware for solving chess problems / puzzles / endgame studies List

* Alybadix

* Chess Problem Solver

* Chest and ChestUCI

* Euclide

* Fancy

* Freezer

+ Goliath Mate UCI

* Gustav

* MateMaster

* Matesolver (not for download) - please contact Jens Schweikhardt to get it

* Natch

* Popeye - see and (Windows Popeye Shell)

* Problemist for Palm Pilot / PC / Pocket PC

* Retractor

* (link) - Utilities and Programs by Martin Väth

* VKsach - link “Programs”

* Web - query for Nalimov Endgame Tablebases (6 pieces)

* WinChloe
Examples of chess problems / puzzles / endgame studies

* Abdelaziz Onkoud´s pages (French)

* Alexander Herbstmann´s pages

* Anders Thulin´s pages with chess problems

* Andrew Buchanan´s pages

* ArcaMax Publishing Inc

* ARVES - Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor SchaakEindspelStudie

* chess problems

* British Chess Problem Society

* Bruno Berenguer´s pages

* by JChorein (French)

* ChessBase GmbH puzzles and tactics training

* ChessCafé.com (registered trademark of GamzBrain, Inc) with endgame studies

* Chess Composition Microweb by Juraj Lörinc

* ChessdBase by Jaroslav Stun

* Chess Problems by James Acres / Aaron Cronan / Dave Gertler / Shelley Knowlton / Adam Miller

* Chess Puzzles by GMs

* Chess Tempo - a forum available in many languages

* Classic Chess Puzzles

* Collection of Chess Checkmate Puzzles

* Croatian Internet Chess Problem Magazine

* Czech website about many chess composers and programmers

* Dansk Skakproblem Klub - Danish Chess Problem Society

* Database in French with many chess composers - e.g. or

* - a collection of tools like PGN viewer / opening and tactic training / chess puzzles

* Early Helpmates (and other topics) by Hilmar Ebert and Hans Gruber (German)

* Échecs artistiques by Gilles G. Jobin (French)

* El arte del mate en dos by Eduardo Sadier

* FFE by Erick Mouret - French Chess Federation with online - journal "d´Échec et mat"

* Glarean Verlag from Switzerland (German)

* - Ján Golha´s pages

* Horst Degenhardt´s pages (German)

* Huntsville Chess Club pages

* Il Matto del Postino (Italian)

* Iuri Akobia´s chess endgame studies

* John Bain´s pages for chess puzzles

* Jurmala Files by Milan Velimirovic

* Key Moves website from the United Kingdom

* Leo Mano´s website from Brazil - Problemas de Xadrez (Portuguese)

* Manolis Stratakis´ website for chess problems

* Martin Strauch´s pages (German)

* Mastermove by Bert van der Marel

* Mat Plus and Mat Plus Review - link “DL Archive”

* Mr. Mip´s Chess Palace by Hannu Timo Lehto

* PDB Chess Problem Database Server by Gerd Wilts

* Peter Rösler´s pages (German)

* Peter Vogel´s pages (German)

* Phénix - a French review (several editions) of chess problems - link “LA Revue”

* ProbÉchecs including analysis and combinations (French)

* Probleemblad - Dutch Chess Problem Society (website particulary in English)

* Problemas de Ajedrez (Spanish)

* Problèmes d´échecs by Étienne Depuis (French)

* Problemschach (German)

* - link "Nachrufe", an obituary for Dr. Werner Speckmann (German)

* Retrograde Analysis Corner

* Rooff´s Chesspage (German)

* Schachaufgabe by Bernd Rosen (German)

* Schwalbe (=swallow), a German association for chess problems - link "Archiv"

* Schweizerische Schachzeitung Edition 11-12/2006 pages 25-27 (French / German / Italian)

* SC Leinzell , a German chess club - link "Diagramme" (with date)

* Studies and Problems - composed by J.T. Sanderse

* Suomen Tehtäväniekat - Finnish Chess Problem Society (website particulary in English)

* The Chess (openings / middle game / endgame / puzzles)

* The Contest Center - Chess Puzzles

* Todo Ajedrez website from Argentina - Problemas de Ajedrez (Spanish)

* Torsten Linß´problem chess pages

* Yet Another Chess Problem Database by Dmitri Turevski

descriptionSoftware for solving chess problems / puzzles / endgame studies List EmptyRe: Software for solving chess problems / puzzles / endgame studies List

Thanks Nice List :D
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